Reticulation Repair in Yangebup

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair in Yangebup, North of Rockingham

The system had s a 7 Station Irritrol Kwik Dial control box and needed programming for the summer. I went through the different sprinkler sections of lawn adjusting the Hunter PGP popups for full lawn coverage and replaced one. These I really love as they rarely get blocked up.. pretty much block proof. Only one out of 20 or more needed replacing in a whole year. Station 5 was stuck on however so I had to locate the solenoid valve electro-magnetically. It was deep underground. An old Rainbird valve was found to be seized up and an adjacent pipe was leaking. A few PVC fittings, and a new Toro valve later and couple of risers and spray heads and the system was completely refurbished for the season

Contact us for reticulation maintenance between Rockingham and Perth before 2019 for $30 discount! We are also overstocked on control panels so you can save $30-$50 on those too.