Solenoid Valve Repair

We Property Care Guys love Solenoid Valve Repair.

Your Plumber or our Plumber may have been called out due to high water use or you may have noticed your garden dying. Often it comes back to the reticulation system and then almost always there is a faulty solenoid or valve status of some sort. No matter what brand, size or material we will fix any reticulation ball, gate or solenoid valve issue in existence. Even if you don’t know where it is. It can be found and it can be fixed if you have a sprinkler system!

You may have a solenoid valve problem if one or more of these exist:

– Low pressure to sprinklers
– Low pressure just one station
– Water leaking from a sprinkler popup or riser
– Lawn or garden sprinklers stuck on
– Retic system wont turn off
– One area of garden or lawn dying
– Controller error
– Water pooling / coming up from ground
– Have to turn your house water mains off

Sometimes the Water Corporation is responsible and we can help you claim. Our guys at PCG have all the necessary tools and parts on board vehicles to tackle any solenoid valve issues you may have.

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