Reticulation and Landscaping Shelley

This week the Property Care Guys completed Reticulation and Landscaping in Shelley, near Perth WA

Our customer asked for a free landscaping quote and went ahead with it.

1. Renew the current front yard lawn. We removed five cubic meters of old soil and replaced it with new landscape mix. We then installed a new reticulation system with PVC pipe and Toro pop up sprinklers in the lawn area and risers in the gardens. Next up we rolled out some fresh Empire Zoysia live turf.

2. Remove the front street lawn and replace it with a different design but not install lawn in this area. Liasing with our customer we came up with a brick paver design using recycled bricks with stone in between(as requested) and a layer of wood chips on top.

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Waterwise Reticulation Installation Secret Harbour

This week the Property Care Guys did Waterwise Reticulation Installation Secret Harbour, South of Rockingham.

Netafim is the brand for possibly the most water saving type of irrigation available from Total Eden our supplier. This is because it is a sub-surface type, meaning the water outlets are below the top of the ground, ideally just under a light mulch. A bit like a soaker hose but not allowing evaporation or misting, most of the water actually gets to plant roots therefore requiring less actual water. A now popular waterwise solution in the Perth area. This particular job was all garden, so over 600 meters of Netafim pipe was used throughout the property.

With over 200 installations of Netafim dripline and above surface water saving methods we ARE your professionals for any installation south of the river. Please see our reviews!

Sprinkler Work Baldivis

Matt of the Property Care Guys today did Sprinkler work in Baldivis

Our customer had small popups watering the garden on the side of her driveway which were just spraying into trunks of plants. We extended the poly pipe to the neighbours side of the garden and installed some 1200mm risers clearing the shrubbery.

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Driveway Plunking of Pipe Fremantle

Our customer Peters’ verge sprinklers were on his next door neighbours Reticulation station and had to many sprinkler running off the one station. The solution was a bit wild but can be done… So we had to add a new station by plunking under his wall, driveway and also his neighbours driveway to connect into his mainline and add a new station!

We plunk under most walls, footpaths, driveways and even double driveways in the Perth metro area

Re-Installation of Reticulation in Claremont

Recently the Property Care Guys did a Re-Installation of Reticulation in Claremont, near Perth. We had to replace all the grass area as a previous installer had run bore line under the turf and the lawn was dying everywhere. Do not use boreline for lawns! Due to the small widths of the grass areas we used Toro sprinklers with small 8ft and 5 ft nozzles to minimise over spray and side strips in the narrow garden beds. Previously there were 14 stations off the bore and we simplified the system to only 10 stations off the bore.

Thanks for not doing it right the first time — we get more work! đŸ˜‰

Reticulation Repair in Shoalwater

Today Matt from the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair in Shoalwater, near Rockingham south of Perth

We do a bit of work for Strata companies and this was one of them. Their controller was new and the bore pump worked fine. Station #1 was not coming on. This was diagnosed as either a broken wire or a faulty solenoid. After electro-magnetically locating both solenoid valves one was determined to not be opening even after an attempt at repair. Plus there was a broken wire somewhere. Then further issues were discovered so rather than spend time searching for the break we decided to install a station splitter which uses one wire to control two valves. Pretty clever. The further issues were poor installation of pipes with a big angle on two joins so we redid the entire valve area with new 40mm solenoid valves and fittings and a large valve cover.

All tested as good. Now John will have a nice view of green gardens AND the ocean!

Reticulation Repair in Halls Head

Yesterday the Property Care Guys did a Reticulation Repair in Halls Head, Near Mandurah, South of Perth

A customer wanted us to find her solenoid valves and map out where they were. There was also one station sticking on with the other stations and some sprinkler work to be done. Matt went out to locate the valves with the latest valve finder wire tracker. Admittedly it was not the easiest job. Usually locating solenoids would take an hour or so but this one took 2. Established gardens with knotted tree roots and hard to access areas were ruling the day but we found them all in the end! The stuck on station valve was replaced. An incorrectly installed PCV join was remade (wow, must have been leaking mains water since it was INSTALLED!) so that will save them some $. And we mapped out all the valves on paper.

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Reticulation System Installation Kensington

Today the Property Care Guys Installed a Reticulation System in Kensington

A bit of a tricky job where we had to drill through a limestone wall to install the mainline from the water meter into the front yard.

Our customer asked for the sprinklers to be on the wall around the garden bed due to the height of the established plants. We ended up with perfect coverage with the water hitting about half a metre into the grass area all the way around. Side strip sprays used in the smaller garden bed and micros in another. Spray head-wise, Hunter mp 2000’s favoured for the lawn area with head to head coverage all the way around. Customer was so happy not have to spend 10 hours a week hand watering everything

It was decided for the rear due to a massive job removing a large amount of paving otherwise, a tap timer was used in the backyard. More mp’s were installed in the rear lawn being 1000’s sprays for perfect perfect head to head coverage.

Another successful sprinkler system install by PCG.

Reticulation Installation Willeton

This week the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Installation in Willeton

We changed an old system from running everything off the tap to a completely automated system with five stations via solenoid valves run off a Toro controller box. The old garden risers were salvaged though we adjusted the height of these so the sprinklers were above the height of the plants which used to block the water spray. We added 8 sprinklers into the lawn area to the existing 5 all running off mp 2000 with head to head coverage all around.  More stations were added to the back yard. At the request of the customer we installed a wifi Rainbird controller due to them travelling all the time. You can monitor your whole system from anywhere in the world with these.

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Reticulation Repair Meadow Springs

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair Meadow Springs, near Mandurah

Sprinklers stuck on with retic turned off at the controller. Blocked micro drippers and popups ran over by cars. A leaking poly pipe. I hooked up my remote control to the stations and ran through them fixing all the blockages. Then replaced crushed popups with Toro and adjustable spray heads. Installed a concrete surround. The Master solenoid valve was staying partially open causing pressure on the station valves so I then dug that up cut it out and replaced it. Since one area was slightly dribbling before when off it means another slave valve was sticking but no cause for alarm. That can be located and repaired next visit as the customer is on quarterly maintenance at just $88. A new ball valve wouldnt go astray either as the metal one was fairly corroded. We install Australian made poly ball valves guaranteed for 25 years.

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