Solenoid Valve Locating

Solenoid valve locating can be a nightmare.

It is quite unlikely in Perth that your plumber, gardener or handyman can find your solenoid valve and fix the reticulation issue at a good price unless very knowledgeable in reticulation installing or gets lucky.

You’re best to call the Property Care Guys as we have the latest valve locating and wire break equipment and experience in this field. We are able to find lost reticulation solenoid valve stations and master valves buried under the lawn, garden or even the brick paving at a very reasonable price considering. You may wish to locate a solenoid valve because it is not coming on, stuck open and your sprinklers won’t turn off. We can also find broken underground wires.

One of our guys at PCG can come out and track Reticulation Solenoid wiring or Solenoid Valve problems and repair or replace the failed unit for good. To give you a rough idea, the cost usually isn’t above $250. Some jobs such as Master valves and isolation replacements or large roots in the way can be around $350 though.

If you have time and love digging about you could try to find it yourself first: Look Here

Online Book us to come out and professionally find and fix the issue.

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