Bore Repairs

When your Perth bore water is no longer pumping through the sprinklers whether it is a submersible pump or centrifugal pump, there is an issue somewhere between the Bore Water Source and the sprinkler heads. You need the Property Care Guys to conduct your Bore Repairs.
With 30 years experience in the water bore industry there’s not a lot we can’t fix.

If your reticulation system has stopped working, PCG will usually first come out to diagnose your controller, solenoid valves and wiring and charge an hour. If then the issue is with the bore or electrical side of the bore including ther pump, our Electrician or Bore Specialist will do a further diagnosis and quote up repairs or replacement if you’re unlucky to have a failed pump. BUT you can usually claim on insurance if the electric motor has failed or burned out / fused. We will help you with this.


What you can do first – To save you money by helping us know who should come out please test your system and check the below points before booking. You can do it!

  • Does the controller have a display?
  • Do any of your stations work?
  • Is the switch in your electric meter box tripped off? (Switch it back on and re-test your system)
  • Can you hear the bore pump running?
  • Do you know where the bore is?

We can also decommission bores. This involves having our electrician remove all wiring from the electrical power meter box to the bore pump, then a reticulation technician or laborer will visit and fill in the hole or just make the appearance to look like there is nothing there, though the bore is still there if one day someone wants to use it.