The Property Care Guys are your one stop shop for all your landscaping needs.

We Specialise In:

Roll On Turf – supply and Installation
We love to make new lawns. Our favourite is Empire Zoysia. We also do Soft Leaf Bison Palmetto (Buffalo) Couch and anything else requested. We use special lawn mix which will fertilise your lawn for one year after installation. (though Zoysia needs extra added after a while) More on Roll-on Grass Services


Reticulation – Supply and installation
PCG’s main service would arguably be Reticulation / Irrigation. All year we are installing new systems and doing maintenance or upgrading old systems. Within retic we specialise in locating and repairing solenoid valves of all types. More Info on Reticulation Installs


Native Gardens
We enjoy to convert old debilitated or abandoned gardens into beautiful yet simple native landscapes. Often we will flatten a garden that’s had so many owners that nothing fits together so it’s best to just get rid of it all and put all new waterwise plants, water saving reticulation and woodchip mulches.

garden-carpark maintenance-hobsons-gate

As above we prefer to put the best garden mulch down which is the biggest and long lasting. Wood Chips. Apply annually or every two years depending how much we lay in the first place. We can do other finer mulches more suited to selling your home as they only last a few months. Before mulching, all that has to be done is weeds killed off and then the first time, we apply a really thick layer to prevent weed problems. You could also use second hand carpet which seems to work well or other efficient weed matting if weeds were a vigorous problem. Otherwise killing them off and applying a nice thick layer will be fine. More Info on Mulching


Lawn and Garden Kerbing
At PCG we can do any kerbing but our favourite is one we make on site. This will result in a continuous smooth line with no joins as it will all be one olid piece. Perfect for lining a garden around the edge of your lawn, or separating a driveway or gardens from any other area especially where there is mulch or stones so they wont spread into each other. More info on Garden Kerbing / Lawn Edging

Other services include Paving, Limestone Walls, Soakwells. Subject to availablity.

Soakwell Installation Perth