Roll-On Lawn Installation

Perth Lawn Turf Laying

One of the Property Care Guys main services is supplying and installing roll-on Grass varieties.


We know what’s important to have a great looking lawn installation so we focus on:

  • Preparation. Site works is what we are excellent at. We make sure the area is perfectly level before laying. We have seen many poorly done jobs which require sand afterwards to fix dips and rises which simply should not be there when the time comes to lay the rolls.
  • Providing a fresh product. It is crucial to lay the lawn soon after harvesting. Some companies leave it over the weekend which is not a good idea in Perth weather.
  • Choosing the highest quality, healthy grass. Our suppliers know what we expect and we refuse anything not up to standard.
  • Fertilising – We use the best special lawn mix to nourish any type of grass laid. A cheaper option is to lay it on the existing soil which still works because we get it so level and add our own fertiliser. It’s not quite as great but suits smaller budgets.
  • Reticulation System – You must have sprinklers which will cover the entire area. We install only the best PVC grids, Popups and Joins at the correct depth

One your roll-on lawn turf has been installed we set our reticulation systems to an establishing program – to water several times per day. You must advise the water corporation you are doing this to avoid a fine. After the lawn has grown in nicely a normal program can be set which is easy to do yourself by reading the controller manual. We may show you this beforehand, or even come out and reset this for you if need be at no charge.








A relatively unknown type which has all round qualities.


  • Money Saving Lawn
  • Weed Tolerant – Tight Thatch resists weeds
  • It’s Soft
  • Colour – Dark Green
  • Medium size leaf
  • Goes green early in Spring
  • Tightly woven blades
  • Deep Roots
  • Handles full sun
  • Almost as Shade Tolerant as Buffalo
  • Handles Herbicides
  • Won’t thatch up like other varieties
  • Drought Tolerant – Save money with less watering
  • Slow growing – Requires less mowing especially in cooler months
  • Handles low cut mowing


  • As it is slow growing (a good thing once established) Initially it can take up to twelve months to fully establish. Recommended is adding Eco-Growth NPK Red every 6-8 weeks for one year.


Pricing Per Square Meter: Approximately $25 supplied and installed, depending on lawn size.






(A similar one is called Palmetto) Qualities: Softer than the old Buffalo, suitable to most conditions.


  • Very Soft to the touch – much more so than old varieties
  • Looks great and is weed resistant
  • Non Invasive
  • The MOST Shade Tolerant (3-5 Hours sun per day is enough)
  • Fast establishing – providing plenty of water given in warm months


  • Shallow Roots – Requires more water in sunny areas
  • Be careful to install this lawn a little lower than others as it can matt up thick over the years and won’t tolerate de-thatching / vertical mowing as well as other varieties
  • More sensitive to herbicides. Manually weeding recommended if unsure

Pricing Per Square Meter: Approximately $25 supplied and installed, depending on lawn size.






  • Shade Tolerant – Can grow with little direct sunlight
  • Drought Tolerant
  • When looked after well, roller mower / cylinder mowing  can provide a “bowling green” like appearance
  • Handles herbicides well


  • Invasive. I personally don’t like this grass as I used to weed it out of my garden all day! But it is a very nice lawn if looked after.
  • Requires regular mowing – Costing more to manage
  • Cheaper to have installed, expensive long term but:
  • Drought Tolerant – Saving you money there.
  • Hardy – Used on Golf Courses
  • Thatch builds up

Pricing Per Square Meter: Approximately $22 supplied and installed, depending on lawn size.



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