Reticulation & Lawn installation in Coolbellup

This week the Property Care Guys did a Reticulation & Lawn installation in Coolbellup
The customer already had retic in the front and previously did in the back but it needed redoing from poly pipe to PVC and a new roll-on lawn desired. The old control box was shot. We managed to salvage the front yard native garden stations and just fixed a few riser heads. There was a mainline to the back yard and some retic cable which we used to tap into saving them a few dollars. The controller was replaced with a very easy to use TORO unit. We installed poly and risers in the garden bordering the lawn area, matching the front yard. Next we trenched and laid all PVC one station for the lawn area. We then rolled out Buffalo grass with fertiliser and as a final touch for the sprinklers, used Hunter mp-Rotors (2000’s) designed for water saving. With these, ALWAYS use the filters as the heads are expensive to replace.
Contact us for reticulation and lawn installs AND repairs north and south of Perth. We currently have a special on maintenance at just $88+GST+Parts for Quarterly (3-monthly) retic servicing. Limited to 250 customers (we can’t do any more than that) so get in quick.