Reticulation Repair in White Gum Valley

This week Matt from The Property Care Guys repaired retic in White Gum Valley, near Fremantle.

Our Real Estate property manager sent a work order that a maintenance man had reported an issue with retic and requested a Technician look at the job. We discovered a leak under the brick driveway and dug it up. Poly pipe, surprise surprise. It ALWAYS fails under paving as the paving gets very hot and the heat weakens the pipe. Especially with traffic driving over the top and bending them all the time. So i fixed the leak and found two more. Repaired with new poly. One day the system will have to be replaced when too many breaks start happening.

When installing retic under driveways, use PVC pipe and trench deeper than a shallow 3-4 inches. At least 30cm (a foot) or at least use a PVC conduit sleeve and put your poly in that so its easy replaceable.