Popup Sprinkler Protection in Baldivis

Today Matt from the Property Care Guys installed Popup Sprinkler Protection in Baldivis

We recommend everyone have concrete sprinkler surrounds installed to all your verge and driveway sprinkler heads. Done properly as we do them, it will cost a reasonable price and is a good investment as you will save money in the medium to long term guaranteed. The sprinklers won’t have to be replaced every few weeks or months and can last years. It’s not ideal, but after installation, cars parking on the verge or your lawn will not likely break the popups as usual. We compact the concrete into the lawn to make them very strong. They’re compatable with most sprinklers including toro, hunter, pope and rainbird. Usually we would replace some while doing the job with quality toro popups.

Prices usually range from $180-$400 depending whether you’d like just the roadside ones done or the whole lot. Sometimes the original system would not have been installed correctly and we have to lower the pipes somewhat. We come from the Rockingham area and service all of south of the river to Mandurah and north up to Ballajura