Reticulation in Greenfields

Today the Property Care Guys overhauled Reticulation in Greenfields, near Mandurah

Customer called to ask us to fix his reticulation system because it doesn’t work anymore. Typically this is a failed master solenoid valve, faulty control box or a wiring issue. On arriving Matt checked the controller.. it wasn’t plugged in. Easy! Nah, connected it and tried the stations. All solenoids working. Cool. But barely any sprinklers worked. Ok biggish kinda job. 15 jammed shut popups located under grass and replaced. One or two could not even be found so new ones were added to these areas. Better than digging up 20 metres of  lawn right? They can be simply blocked off if ever found.

We installed a couple of mp Rotors by Hunter to cover a wide area with no sprinklers which saved the customer money. A split PVC excavated and replaced with a slip-fix and a heap of micro sprays, octo spectrum stakes for many plant pots installed and the control center programmed! Next to install a new station to a garden and lawn with no existing retic! A complete overhaul.

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