Instant Lawn & Garden Kerbing

unnamed (2)The Property Care Guys can install instant garden kerbing


This instant lawn and garden kerbing is becoming popular as it is made out of concrete and has very few visible joins. The machine creates a moulded continuous kerb made on site.

We first prepare the ground as a compact and level surface. This kerbing is the ideal way to make an edging of any kind around your garden to keep soil and mulch off lawn areas, and perfect as an edge for whipper snipping around your lawns. Much better than the reasonably good concrete pieces you can buy though which will have unsightly joins because ours are made on site specifically unique to suit your personal garden areas so you can have any shape. And of course much better than any of the rolls of instant edging kits from a hardware store like the plastic bands with pegs or the rolls of pine posts wired together. These are unstable and will always move about and deteriorate over time or get squashed and just don’t even look great, whereas a solid concrete kerb will stay where it is made and last a lot longer, even as long as your house.

Our concrete garden edging can be done in standard grey, or any colour of choice! Contact us for a free quotation on landscaping, including concrete kerb.