Organic Food Gardens

Property Care Guys have the knowledge and interest in creating Organic Food Gardens in all suburbs in the Perth metro area.

We are interested in organic food gardening for reasons other than making money. Read on..

Why Organic?

Despite all the gossip and news on the latest health food or exercise machine on TV or in the newspapers over the last 50 years or so, the general population’s health is obviously not improving. Even though awareness towards more natural foods may be increasing, most “health” advertisements are sadly focused solely on profiting from people’s genuine will to be healthier nowadays rather than wanting people to be healthier. Whilst products keep mentioning “healthy” and “antioxidants and “polyphenols”, vitamins and minerals..there is little emphasis on pure, natural healthy food. The word “organic” is used as though it is some new weight loss craze but it really means natural and wholesome, normal food. Most food producers use a lot of chemicals known to promote disease in crops, not to improve the nutrient quality of the food, but to grow more food faster and cheaper. They then send what doesn’t look visually appealing off to the dump or to be processed leaving good looking but a nutritionally inferior fruit or vegetable. Much of chemically grown crop food is modified highly into some fancy package, slapped with a gimmicks such as “low sugar” or “reduced fat” (not the best idea) an what not. I personally follow independent and often completely unbiased news articles about research of natural compounds which are proving daily to prevent health issues and diseases. These foods should be eaten in natural form to have any positive effect.

Summary: More people are realizing now that turning back to growing their own food from heirloom seed, avoiding using branded man made chemicals is really working to help improve their overall well being.

What’s Organic Food Cost?

For some reason, people argue that “organic food costs too much”.. well what’s more important ones well being or ones bank account? Aside from saving money by growing your own, admittedly if you buy it from a small “Organic Health Food” store it can be expensive. For the business entrepreneur to supply to the public it can be costly and does require some effort and determination to pass all the certification. It takes a lot of employment, packaging, space renting, knowledgable labourers, business research and the list goes on.. then some has to be profit. So yes by the time you buy six mushrooms for $7.50, you can already see why. Though, add up all the medications, Doctor appointments, health insurance, hospital accomodation bills over an average persons lifetime, then compare it to what would be enough to survive off store bought certified organic food you may be surprised with the savings of being healthy, not to mention much of your taxation money is taken to be spent on the medical industry, or that the Government also subsidises Fast Food chains with your money.

Summary: It costs less in the long run

But is it Hard Work? I have no space!?

We can start off a low maintenance organic fruit and vegetable garden using the effectiveness of Permaculture, composting, recycling and mulching. It’s a bit of work to start with which we can do for you and then regularly attend if you wish or have a physical disability. But if you look after it yourself it will hardly be tiring but enjoyable for the family especially if you have children. Kids naturally love to get dirty hands and make plants grow, especially if they get to eat it soon enough. If space is an issue we can install a food garden in small spaces such as on walls or in pots and planters. And contrary to common belief that you’ll have to do loads of digging and weeding, this is not the case!

Summary: It is not hard work. Let us help you produce your own food! Contact with an online booking

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Property Care Guys look forward to helping you with your Organic Food Gardens requirements.