Reticulation Mapping Perth

Property Care Guys can find the main parts of your residential or commercial irrigation system by doing Reticulation Mapping before it’s too late. 


It’s fascinating how many jobs we do where the scenario is this:

1. The customer just bought a house and something underground in the retic system fails.

2. They call the previous owner asking where a solenoid valve is or anything is.

3. The old house owner doesn’t have a clue, can’t remember or doesn’t care


… They were only shown the controller and the sprinklers work. That’s like driving off into the desert without checking the spare tyre. You know where your bathroom is, what about the watering system for the gardens and lawns?

Noone cares until something breaks.


Selling your home? Get your system mapped as best as possible and include it in your sales highlights. You’ll probably be the only place for sale that has a sketch of where everything is!

Buying  a home? Demand the seller has their reticulation system mapped out, recommend the Property Care Guys


We can map:

– Your solenoid valves

– Master Valve

– Underground Wiring

– Main Pipes

– Estimate most Sprinkler Pipes

– Sprinklers (If needed-location obvious with system on)


Prevention is better than cure.

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