Reticulation Installation in Baldivis

On Friday Matt from the Property Care Guys did a Reticulation Installation in Baldivis, East of Rockingham

Our customer had moved into a new home in recent months. Her new garden had started to grow and the newly installed retic system was simply wrong…. Didn’t they think the plants would grow? LOL. There was a row of popup sprinklers along the footpath facing uphill into a HEDGE, meant to water the entire garden right up to the house but she had to water by hand. Ridiculous. A quick fix would be to install 3 or 4 tall risers in the middle of the garden with 360 degree spray heads but they can be a bit of an eyesore. So I capped all those off under ground and installed  a new grid running through the garden with poly pipe and spectrum stakes, adjustable to wherever they are needed and whatever diameter spray is needed. The other gardens had a similar system but not enough sprinkler coverage so added more.

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