Reticulation in Safety Bay

Yesterday the Property Care Guys completed Reticulation in Safety Bay, south of Rockingham

Matt was called out to a residential property to do some sprinkler system repairs and modifications. The customer needed some Retic installed to a new garden bed for trees and pots and multiple sprinkler mods for the lawn areas. The wife wanted some extensions to old beds for more plants etc etc. Many of the popups were now too low and grass was stopping the sprayers. We use poly lawn risers and extension couplings on these and any sprinklers blocked or broken were either cleaned out or replaced with new Toro ones. The neighbour was tapped into their system so we capped that off (customer said it was ok to!) We replaced 3 issues with PVC joins cracked or not glued right. The control box had no weatherproof cover but had been working fine for years so we shall leave that until it no longer works!

Please call, text, email or online book for all irrigation work from up North at Butler down South to Mandurah!  And try our Quarterly full system reticulation maintenance deal, commercial $120 or residential just $88 + parts and GST.