New Bore Pump in Dalkeith

Today the Property Care Guys installed a New Bore Pump in Dalkeith

How do I fix it when the popup sprinkers are not working around my property? My lawn is all patchy!  First thing’s first. Would all the sprinklers fail at once? Unlikely. So the issue is upstream towards the water source. There could be issues with solenoid valves, manual valves, a submersible or centrifugal pump, controller box, wiring, mains water supply, AC power or tree roots. This one happened to be the bore pump itself. Our Technician had our Electrician run some tests before deciding to replace it. Along with the pump start mini contactor, followed by a full system test of all stations the bore had to be pulled up, checked and a new pump installed.

We offer a 6 month guarantee on our work even on second hand systems!

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