Waterwise Reticulation Installation Secret Harbour

This week the Property Care Guys did Waterwise Reticulation Installation Secret Harbour, South of Rockingham.

Netafim is the brand for possibly the most water saving type of irrigation available from Total Eden our supplier. This is because it is a sub-surface type, meaning the water outlets are below the top of the ground, ideally just under a light mulch. A bit like a soaker hose but not allowing evaporation or misting, most of the water actually gets to plant roots therefore requiring less actual water. A now popular waterwise solution in the Perth area. This particular job was all garden, so over 600 meters of Netafim pipe was used throughout the property.

With over 200 installations of Netafim dripline and above surface water saving methods we ARE your professionals for any installation south of the river. Please see our reviews!