Reticulation System Installation Kensington

Today the Property Care Guys Installed a Reticulation System in Kensington

A bit of a tricky job where we had to drill through a limestone wall to install the mainline from the water meter into the front yard.

Our customer asked for the sprinklers to be on the wall around the garden bed due to the height of the established plants. We ended up with perfect coverage with the water hitting about half a metre into the grass area all the way around. Side strip sprays used in the smaller garden bed and micros in another. Spray head-wise, Hunter mp 2000’s favoured for the lawn area with head to head coverage all the way around. Customer was so happy not have to spend 10 hours a week hand watering everything

It was decided for the rear due to a massive job removing a large amount of paving otherwise, a tap timer was used in the backyard. More mp’s were installed in the rear lawn being 1000’s sprays for perfect perfect head to head coverage.

Another successful sprinkler system install by PCG.