Reticulation Repair Meadow Springs

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair Meadow Springs, near Mandurah

Sprinklers stuck on with retic turned off at the controller. Blocked micro drippers and popups ran over by cars. A leaking poly pipe. I hooked up my remote control to the stations and ran through them fixing all the blockages. Then replaced crushed popups with Toro and adjustable spray heads. Installed a concrete surround. The Master solenoid valve was staying partially open causing pressure on the station valves so I then dug that up cut it out and replaced it. Since one area was slightly dribbling before when off it means another slave valve was sticking but no cause for alarm. That can be located and repaired next visit as the customer is on quarterly maintenance at just $88. A new ball valve wouldnt go astray either as the metal one was fairly corroded. We install Australian made poly ball valves guaranteed for 25 years.

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