Reticulation Repair in Halls Head

Yesterday the Property Care Guys did a Reticulation Repair in Halls Head, Near Mandurah, South of Perth

A customer wanted us to find her solenoid valves and map out where they were. There was also one station sticking on with the other stations and some sprinkler work to be done. Matt went out to locate the valves with the latest valve finder wire tracker. Admittedly it was not the easiest job. Usually locating solenoids would take an hour or so but this one took 2. Established gardens with knotted tree roots and hard to access areas were ruling the day but we found them all in the end! The stuck on station valve was replaced. An incorrectly installed PCV join was remade (wow, must have been leaking mains water since it was INSTALLED!) so that will save them some $. And we mapped out all the valves on paper.

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