Reticulation Repair in Port Kennedy

Yesterday the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair in Port Kennedy, South West of Perth


Possibly the largest furniture store in Perth, Dankz Furniture, (very fine collection on sale) had us out to do some retic repairs.

After clicking through the stations and walking around, a big day’s work was apparent. Every single commercial gear drive pop-up sprinkler had issues. After trying to clean and adjust the K-Rain ones which proved impossible (because of how old and un-maintained they were – the brand is OK), it was decided to replace them all. We had to cut away tree roots wrapped around some with a reciprocating saw and others were jammed under gravel and concrete edges. The sprinkler we installed were Hunter PGP. They have a rubber seal preventing debris. We also lowered some which appeared the previous popups were a bit high for the lawn mower. We installed concrete surrounds on several, as semi-trailer trucks had been parking right on top of them causing issues with the owners. Hopefully we have prevented that! And plastic ones around the rest. We then spent a few hours replacing the ones next door, the property also owned by them.



The Real Estate sent a job order for “System not working correctly” Quite vague, though, usually our vehicles are equipped to handle anything on the first visit. There was water spouting out of the front lawn everywhere and loked like a huge job. But all it needed was all new popup sprinklers. They were worn out or broken off. Broken off by lawn mowers and kids on bicycles. I installed new Toro popups but at a lower height than before to prevent this in future. The back yard was similar, except full of chickens and Rabbits. lol. Programming was wrong so I fixed that to water corps rules. A total system overhaul in good time, just 3 hours.

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