Retic Control Box Replacement All Areas

We Program, Replace and Repair Reticulation components in all areas including Controllers in all Metro Perth and some country areas.


Our Technicians are based in Rockingham, Perth, Baldivis and Mandurah.  We strive to provide a prompt service and quality parts. To help us fix your problem fast, you can send us a photo and/or any of this information below. You can also first check for a blown the fuse, a reset button, or even the power board for a pump reset RCD switch.


  • Make and Model                            – Rainbird, Hunter, Irritrol, Toro, Orbit, Beehive, Holman, Rain Dial are common.
  • Number of Stations / Zones        – Areas which come on separately front and back. You can take the cover off to see how many numbers have a wire attached
  • Plug in or Hard Wired?                – If not leading to a power point like a toaster is, it is probably hard wired. Please send a photo if unsure.
  • Indoor or outdoor?                        – If rain could ever land on it, it’s likely an outdoor unit. A full door on the front closing the unit like a suitcase is a good sign.


It is best to send us a photo in SMS or email with any above information. Please include your Contact details and date you want the job completed by. Please note if your control box needs replacing we will go ahead and replace the unit right away if possible. There is a minimum charge if you decide you do not want it replaced or we diagnose as another problem. We rarely fix automatic timers as by the time they get one fault diagnosis they are well on the way out and due to be replaced.