How Do I Fix My Home Irrigation?

How to Fix Your Home Irrigation

Common Problems:

  • My Reticulation is stuck on
  • My Sprinklers won’t turn off
  • One station stays on
  • One station not working
  • I can’t find my solenoid valve

With any mechanical / electrical system, several things can and will eventually just stop working one day. And you may wish to have a crack at repairing your reticulation yourself. If your retic stopped working properly try these steps:

  • Is there a controller (if no, fix the bore or check the manual taps – and it’s suggested to get a automated system installed)
  • Is the controller on? If no check the plug and fuse.
  • Station stuck on? Check the manual tap or replace the valve.
  • Did you read the manual?
  • Is it still programmed?
  • Refer to the manual.

Try to run station 1 on “Manual or one station” or similar. Sometimes the instructions are in the door of the controller.

Make sure there is a wire going into the screw on number one though. If not, call me. If you have an area that’s being watered now, you just need to program the controller 😉

If you don’t have sprinklers on now, you need to test that station at the solenoid for power. use a voltmeter or a spare solenoid and touch it on the wires with the station turned on.

If you can’t find the station, call or email me. If you find the solenoid and there’s no voltage, you have a break in the wires. Find the break and replace that with new wire. If it’s broken under the driveway or a pathway, you could be looking at $500-$1500 to be fixed. Another option if the driveway can’t be messed with or too costly is to have a battery system installed for that area.

If you found the solenoid valve and there is voltage but you hear no click when touching the wiring together, the solenoid is likely faulty. Replace. If you found the solenoid valve and there is voltage AND you hear a click but no water comes from the sprinklers, your water source is failing or your valve is stuck shut. Someone may have wound in a flow control so check that. It’s a tap on the top of some valves.

If your station is stuck on try this:

  • Turn the solenoid (the top thing) clockwise. If it doesn’t turn, your best bet is a new valve.

A lot of Aussies enjoy doing their own home maintenance. It’s great to be in touch with the things on your property (and it impresses your other half!) but if that fails we can sort it all within a day’s work