Reticulation Repairs in Gnangara

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repairs in Gnangara, North of Perth

One of our clients who has taken up our regular reticulation maintenance schedule. This being the first visit, requiring more time. Luke replaced a 40mm solenoid valve, flushed the pipelines, programmed the control box and replaced a heap of popups.

Note: Just like your car, a sprinkler system needs a regular service- Even in winter. Valves can stick and become expensive to replace. Retic should be ran by an experienced technician at least once every 3 months and a report written up, again-just like your vehicle. Who needs to turn on their retic after winter only to find nothing works? Who wants a massive system overhaul each year or more which could be easily avoided? Ask us abut our quarterly reticulation service. Regular servicing prolongs the life of all retic parts and avoids expensive and urgent bookings.

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