Reticulation Repairs in Baldivis

Last week the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repairs in Baldivis, South of Perth

A job to simply reprogram the central control box. Matt went out and tested each station. Immediately apparent was it needing new sprinklers here and there so we removed, flushed and added an mp rotator or two and some standard toro and rainbird heads, straightened up some micro risers and new heads which had been somehow ran over and crushed in a garden all along the fence (with plenty of room to drive on the paving!?) then set the control box.

This was faulty. A Hunter X-core which we used to like but have found too many issues with lately so we now use the NEW Rainbird ESP-Me usually. The issue was the down button not working which wouldn’t allow to program automatic program properly. I quoted a new controller but they were quite happy to run the system with the simple press of a button every few days or so

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