Reticulation in The Vines

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation in The Vines, North East of Perth

A customer with a large property with 20 sprinkler stations (and probably not too shy of half that amount in acres of land!) called to inform us that one of their sprinkler stations was staying on with all of the other ones. This is our specialty – finding and fixing faults and in this case; locating and repairing or replacing a stuck open and lost solenoid valve is the most likely scenario.

Occasionally the controller box is at fault, which can send a signal out to that one valve station all the time no matter which retic area is meant to be watering at the time according to the program on ethe box. If a solenoid is manually open, water will flow out the sprinklers on that station without fail, so long as the master valve is open and there is a water source to it.

Our customer requested to call them if the job was going to take over an hour which it did not.  Luke the Technician used electro-magnetic equipment to swiftly find and fix the issue. Sprinklers stuck or on lost solenoid valve? Get PCG onto it ASAP.

Do you get your car serviced when it breaks down? Why do that with your sprinkler system then? We highly recommend to sign up for our 3-monthly all year round reticulation service. It will save you money in the long run and allow you to budget for peace of mind.