Reticulation in Singleton

Matt from the Property Care Guys did reticulation in Singleton, South of Perth

Work order to “perform a leak test and provide a leak detection certificate report” Currently we have one certified technician and 2 others will shortly complete the course to be waterwise according to the water corporations’ guidelines or rules.

I went to this job for measurement of leak detection was immediately irrelevant with the tenant half accurately pointing out half the problems. One of his main issues was that a previous landscaper had installed a roll on turf to the back yard  and the reticulation repair guy before us said it was the worst he had ever seen.

It wasn’t the worst i have ever seen. It had ok coverage which is the main point so whoever installed it did half OK.. but they obviously didn’t offer a regular reticulation service like we do.

I went about the usual controller test, station test and sprinkler test. Diagnosed stuck on solenoid valves – one for the rear lawn and one for the left verge and left rear lower lawn. Waste of water. Programming was also still set to new lawn installation watering times costing the property manager hundreds more every 2 months just in water bills.