Bore Repairs

When your Perth bore water is no longer pumping through the sprinklers whether it is a submersible pump or centrifugal pump, there is an issue somewhere between the Bore Water Source and the sprinkler heads you may need the Property Care Guys Bore Repairs on your system.

If your reticulation system has stopped working, PCG will usually first come out to diagnose your controller, solenoid valves and wiring and charge an hour. If then the issue is with the bore or electrical side of the bore including ther pump, our Electrician or Bore Specialist will do a further diagnosis and quote up repairs or replacement if you’re unlucky to have a failed pump. BUT you can usually claim on insurance if the electric motor has failed or burned out / fused. We will help you with this.


What you can do first – To save you money by helping us know who should come out please test your system and check the below points before booking. You can do it!

  • Does the controller have a display?
  • Do any of your stations work?
  • Is the switch in your electric meter box tripped off? (Switch it back on and re-test your system)
  • Can you hear the bore pump running?
  • Do you know where the bore is?

We can also decommission bores. This involves having our electrician remove all wiring from the electrical power meter box to the bore pump, then a reticulation technician or laborer will visit and fill in the hole or just make the appearance to look like there is nothing there, though the bore is still there if one day someone wants to use it.

Bore Installation

Property Care Guys provide a professional and affordable Bore Installation and repair service for all suburbs in the Perth metro area. Our experienced and qualified Bore Installation tradesmen will ensure you and your home or business has the best possible Bore system installed in the right place at the right depth with the right gear.


– Because we are for one licenced!
– Have the best prices for our quality of service
– We have precise information for your particular area.
– We drill to the right depth with the right equipment
– We take care in looking after your property.
– We use the best parts. Our pumps are Australian made and proven reliable.
– If there are any problems, we do not charge to come back

We will come out and give a free quote for a new bore.

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Or try our Online Booking and Quote Form which you can see from here.

PCG look forward to helping you with your Bore Installation and bore repair requirements.

Solenoid Valve Repair

We Property Care Guys love Solenoid Valve Repair.

Your Plumber or our Plumber may have been called out due to high water use or you may have noticed your garden dying. Often it comes back to the reticulation system and then almost always there is a faulty solenoid or valve status of some sort. No matter what brand, size or material we will fix any reticulation ball, gate or solenoid valve issue in existence. Even if you don’t know where it is. It can be found and it can be fixed if you have a sprinkler system!

You may have a solenoid valve problem if one or more of these exist:

– Low pressure to sprinklers
– Low pressure just one station
– Water leaking from a sprinkler popup or riser
– Lawn or garden sprinklers stuck on
– Retic system wont turn off
– One area of garden or lawn dying
– Controller error
– Water pooling / coming up from ground
– Have to turn your house water mains off

Sometimes the Water Corporation is responsible and we can help you claim. Our guys at PCG have all the necessary tools and parts on board vehicles to tackle any solenoid valve issues you may have.

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Reticulation Installation

The Property Care Guys specialize in design and installation of quality Reticulation systems for new and established properties around Perth.

PCG design and install all types of watering systems including waterwise pop-up heads for lawns or mechanical drives, running of the mains or bore. An in-ground battery operated reticulation control system may be a low cost solution for a small yard as it saves the hassle of running wires or removing paving or concrete etc and run for two years before needing to replace the batteries, which only takes a minute. On the other hand, a fully automated 240 volt remote-controlled reticulation system may be better suited for a larger property.

Short Cuts

Over the years we have learned that much of the unsuspecting public will get a few quotes from different reticulation companies or worse still a handyman or neighbour (sorry mate!) and simply go with the cheapest install price. We believe this is a huge mistake which actually often costs the customer much more than even their most expensive quote within just a few years. Typically, the cheap company will use the lowest cost materials they can find and take as many short cuts as possible, just to get the job done quickly and be paid. Sure, the system works great for a few weeks or months.. but then problems arise. The lower quality poly pipe installed under paving, the joins not glued right, the twisted wiring, the $2 sprinklers… in the wrong places… entire stations running both the lawn and the garden to save more money, cheap controllers.. all start falling apart. After a couple of repair visits, the customer will have spent as much on repairs as they would have on a better system to start with. Not only that, the entire lot often has to be replaced.. maybe even their lawn too. On another note, they always use couch grass as it is the cheapest roll-on-lawn

Quality Is Crucial

We  have seen so many cheaply done irrigation jobs fail so quickly we just can’t honestly treat customers like this and run with the money. We believe it is best for business to install something which costs us more, is long lasting and reliable and be proud of the job done and hopefully be of assistance for the long term. We tend to use a combination of the latest materials and what is most suited for the job to create a system which should give you not a few months, but at least 10-20 years of good use with minimal repairs. What’s more, we don’t even charge a huge amount for a quality install. We also assist by also offering our regular maintenance service.

If you’d like a new sprinkler reticulation system installed to a residential or commercial property just fill out the online booking form or give us a call and we will provide you with an estimate within 3 days and usually have your new retic complete within 2 weeks. After the job is complete and paid for we even provide a free service to tweak anything following the installation.

We use:

  • PVC Pipe and Fittings for lawn areas, paved areas
  • Hunter
  • Toro
  • Australian Made Valves
  • Copper Conduit Covered Wiring
  • Irritrol
  • 19mm Poly not 13mm (Garden Beds)
  • Waterwise Spray Heads and Mathematical Spacing
  • High Quality Turf

The Property Care Guys have many years of experience repairing and installing irrigation. We can come to your commercial or residential property to see what is suitable.

Reticulation Solenoid Location Perth

Reticulation Modifications & Upgrades

The Property Care Guys can modify or upgrade your irrigation and reticulation systems to solve problems such as low pressure or misting, poor coverage, add on sections or just install better stuff. This may involve modifications such as changing sprinklers, adding solenoid valve stations, a new controller replacement or adding a pressure regulator. We use good gear like Toro, Hunter, Irritrol, PVC and conduit wiring cable.

Many old reticulation controllers fail after 20-30 years (how good are they? – pretty good!) and could be the source of any of many issues in your retic system for instance one station may not come on sometimes or at all suddenly, you may have to “jiggle” the switch or dial to make it work, or the automatic programming might not be possible if there’s a faulty button and you have had to reset it or replace the timer battery. We supply and install a variety of control boxes at a very competitive price as we have buying power and good Technicians with a very low callback ratio so we can afford to give better prices.

We sometimes get called out by landscapers who are paving or laying artificial turf, to shut down/block off existing reticulation stations or sections of them so the bore or mains doesn’t keep pumping water under the ground. Other times they may need a prelay under a path or driveway. We can plunk under most driveways or remove pavers and lay a PVC pipe then relay the block or brick paving.

One of the most common upgrades required though is definitely from a poly pipe system to a PVC pipe system. Poly can be ok if done right and in the right places but all too often is just used to put it bluntly “rip customers off” as it is cheap and easy like..Lego perhaps. It has its place but there’s many contractors out there undercutting quotes without being honest and advising the customer that all they’re putting in their lawn and under the concrete etc is cheap black poly pipe! Beware.

If your garden looks thirsty or something is bugging you give PCG a call or online book via our form on this page

Reticulation Solenoid Location Perth

Reticulation Repairs

Water saving and efficiency is important for any West Australia home with a garden or lawn.

Faulty solenoid valves and wiring, broken pipes, blocked or broken sprinklers, and bore pump failure are common ways water is wasted. The Property Care Guys will fix the problem or replace the parts and help prevent it from happening again. For over 6 months of the year the guys at PCG are busy repairing all kinds of issues with countless types of sprinkler systems.

These are all common problems our customers call about:

  • Broken Popups
  • Sprinklers Stuck on
  • Wires Hanging out
  • System coming on during the day
  • Leak under paving
  • Busted PVC Pipe
  • Low Pressure
  • Dog chewed something off!
  • System won’t come on
  • Fuse keeps blowing
  • Bore water staining paving or walls
  • High water usage
  • Can’t find solenoid valves
  • Can’t turn off sprinklers
  • Lawn has dead patches
  • Bore system not working
  • Controller Blank Screen
  • “Tried to fix it myself but didn’t work”

We specialize in locating and repairing solenoid valves with the best equipment. We invested in these tools so we can tackle any job. 

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Ask us for a quote to keep your system in tip-top condition All Year. 

 Property Care Guys [PCG Perth]

Reticulation, Landscaping, Garden Maintenance

Solenoid Valve Locating

Solenoid valve locating can be a nightmare.

It is quite unlikely in Perth that your plumber, gardener or handyman can find your solenoid valve and fix the reticulation issue at a good price unless very knowledgeable in reticulation installing or gets lucky.

You’re best to call the Property Care Guys as we have the latest valve locating and wire break equipment and experience in this field. We are able to find lost reticulation solenoid valve stations and master valves buried under the lawn, garden or even the brick paving at a very reasonable price considering. You may wish to locate a solenoid valve because it is not coming on, stuck open and your sprinklers won’t turn off. We can also find broken underground wires.

One of our guys at PCG can come out and track Reticulation Solenoid wiring or Solenoid Valve problems and repair or replace the failed unit for good. To give you a rough idea, the cost usually isn’t above $250. Some jobs such as Master valves and isolation replacements or large roots in the way can be around $350 though.

If you have time and love digging about you could try to find it yourself first: Look Here

Online Book us to come out and professionally find and fix the issue.

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