Sprinkler Repairs in Wellard

Today the Property Care Guys did Sprinkler Repairs in Wellard, South of Perth

Broken popup sprinklers, as most of you probably know, are one of the most common retic issues there are. The best way to avoid this issue is by having your system installed professionally. I see many popup grids installed very randomly with sprinklers all in the wrong places – too far apart, too close, too many, too few, too high, too low, full circle sprayers on the edge of paved areas and all sorts of things like that which are only going to cost the owner a lot of money and time to maintain either doing it themselves or hiring repair guys constantly.

The next best thing to having your reticulation system installed correctly, is to have a technician come out and do a complete system overhaul. This would include assessing spray radius coverage, pressure, flow control etc and then rearranging as many sprinkler positions as are required. Most jobs like such would not take longer than a day to complete, including locating the solenoid station valves and cleaning them out and a complete system flush, new spray heads, filters and a retic controller reset and programming.

Got a bit carried away there. The placement of the popups at this small 2 station residential system were pretty good. I only repaired a few popups one of which the riser was broken off and stuck in the PVC pipe thread which we have the tools for rectifying. Others were buried or blocked with dirt and sand.

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Reticulation in Cloverdale

This week the Property Care Guys did Reticulation in Cloverdale, near Perth.

A bit of an overhaul where our customer required advice on his controller, low pressure issues solved and a new section for a waterwise garden.

Control Box – Luke tested the controller as malfunctioning. Station 1 was good, station 2 had no output at all and the display was difficult to see. Nothing could be done but to replace the unit. We install Hunter, Irritrol and Orbit. We now prefer the Orbit Hydro Rain as customers find them easy to use but most of all, they have the lowest rate of faulty units. We installed an outdoor plug-in Hydro Rain with the Easy Dial.

Low pressure problem – This was obviously not due to anything but old worn out popup sprinklers, leaking out from around the seal on nearly all of them, disallowing the popup part to have enough pressure to rise. They must have been nearly 10 years old. All were replaced with our favourite Toro popups.

New section – A quick poly pipe job with micro side sprays, Luke’s expertise.  Another successful job by PCG (Well they all are) Contact us for all your Landscaping and Gardening needs.



Waterwise Landscaping in Midland

This week the Property Care Guys did Landscaping in Midland, North East of Perth

A straight forward Reticulation and Lawn Install job to finish off the back yard. A couple of small waterwise gardens, Fresh Buffalo Grass and Australian made PVC Reticulation system with Toro Popup sprinklers. Soil improver was mixed in with the sand to nourish the new roll-on turf.

Note: water on the paving because with new grass you have to water for longer, therefore it will flow sideways over the upper root layer.

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Native Landscaping in Malaga

Today the Property Care Guys did Native Landscaping in Malaga, North East of Perth

Several small gardens, part of a bigger job.

We are big on native landscaping because it supports the local West Australian environment in many ways. A major reason is that by keeping to the local flora, we are planting no invasive species. The other main supportive reason here is water saving. Any landscaping we do, we try to suggest waterwise and native. Less paving, less lawn, more native gardens will save you money in the long run and create a healthy environment around your home.

The average native landscape will consist mostly of these components: Native plants, Drip Irrigation and Mulch. Native planting over time requires less mulch and eventually none applied as time goes by because trees will mulch themselves. Drip irrigation is extremely water-wise and can be turned off once trees mature.

Won’t my trees grow too large? Not if you choose the right variety. Many natives will grow only 1-2m in height. You may find yourself with nothing to do!




Bore Repair in Ballajura

Today the Property Care Guys did a Bore Repair in Ballajura, North of Perth

The customers’ tenants reported the reticulation was not working and said that a friend had repaired the pump only a year or so ago so the pump should be ok.. NOT the case! We have a bore problem again.

This pump looked 50 years old so something apart from the component which was replaced had probably failed. Anyway, the old dated centrifugal pump tested as not pumping any water so time for a brand new replacement. We believe in using good equipment to hold our reputation therefore we replace with extremely high quality pumps from Italy with a modest 2 year warranty (which should be 10 years they are that good – just like the Aussie submersible pumps)

Be careful when getting bore repair quotes as you will be ripped off with cheap pricing and Chinese pumps and you’ll end up spending a lot more within a couple of years when the cheap junk fails. The foot valve was good. We replaced some connections also and did a test run. This bore is now running like a new one for a fraction of the price of a new bore installation which we also quoted just in case the bore itself had issues aside from the failed pump.

Spend your money wisely on reticulation and bores. Get the job done right with high quality parts. Contact us for a professional diagnosis and written quote.


Gardening in Churchlands

This week the Property Care Guys did Gardening in Churchlands, North East of Perth

Wherever you are within 45 minutes of Perth, we are your local gardeners! A PCG monthly maintenance service is recommended if you have a separate lawn mowing guy such as Jim every week or two. Otherwise we can do a complete maintenance schedule more often involving lawns, edges, pruning, weeding, spraying weeds, fruit tree care, general horticulturist work. We take away if a big once off cleanup or use your greens bin for a regular service saving you money.

We can spot any problems such as bug infestations, plant diseases, lawn issues, reticulation needing attention, or even give landscape upgrade suggestions. This particular job was a first time cleanup for a move-in rental agreement. A few weeks ago we gave them a complete rear yard reticulation overhaul to get proper coverage and solve low pressure issues.

Gardening services include:

– Litter Collected
– Plants and Shrubs Pruning
– Tree and Branch Lopping (Chainsaw work)
– Weed treatment and removal
– Garden Bed cleaning up
– Rubbish / Green Waste Removal
– Driveway and pathways cleared of debris
– Leaves removed (if desired – some like the free mulch)
– Hedging
– Mowing
– Brushcutting, Whipper-Snipping

Landscaping services:
– Roll On Turf – supply and Installation
– Reticulation – Supply and installation
– Native Garden Lanscapes
– Mulching
– Lawn and Garden Kerbing

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Reticulation in East Fremantle

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation in East Fremantle, South West of Perth

During summer, PCG prioritises and specialises in reticulation repairs as it tends to be the majority of our calls in warmer months. There is just so much work that all of us are are working all day, every day to keep up.

Within reticulation repairs we sub-specialize in solenoid valve locating and replacement or repair. Fixing most 24 volt solenoid valves is just as good as an entire new valve as every moving part is replaced and everything else is cleaned and checked. Once we replace the old solenoid coil with new, the cable wires are connected with waterproof scotchlok electrical gel sealed connectors.

This job was a simple failed solenoid valve, requiring replacement of both the valve and the solenoid which is the electrical and mechanical component, which actuates the mechanical valve.

Call or online book for a Technician to come and repair a major issue with your system or test run all stations and program the control box (This is always done anyway) We can inform you on the day if more work than usual is expected! Pic attached of the newly installed Australian made Solenoid valve with flow control.

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Reticulation Solenoid Location Perth

Reticulation Repairs in Perth

Property Guys provide Reticulation Repairs in Perth.

Water saving and efficiency is important for any Perth West Australia home with a garden or lawn.

Faulty solenoid valves and wiring, broken pipes, blocked or broken sprinklers, and bore pump failure are common ways water is wasted. The Property Care Guys will fix the problem or replace the parts and help prevent it from happening again. For over 6 months of the year the guys at PCG are busy repairing all kinds of issues with countless types of sprinkler systems.

These are all common problems our customers call about:

  • Broken Popups or micro risers
  • Sprinklers Stuck on
  • Wires Hanging out
  • System coming on during the day or twice
  • Leak under paving or lawn
  • Busted PVC Pipe or poly
  • Low Pressure or too much
  • Dog chewed something off!
  • System won’t come on
  • No display on controller box unit
  • Fuse keeps blowing
  • Bore water staining paving or walls
  • High water usage, plumber cannot find leak in reticulation
  • Can’t find solenoid valves or control box
  • Can’t turn off sprinklers or close valve
  • Lawn has dead patches
  • Bore system not working
  • Controller Blank Screen or flashing
  • “Tried to fix it myself but didn’t work”

We specialize in locating and repairing solenoid valves with the best equipment. We invested in these tools so we can tackle any job.

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Ask us for a quote to keep your system in tip-top condition All Year.

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Reticulation, Landscaping, Garden Maintenance

Reticulation Repair in Gwelup

Reticulation Repair in Gwelup

Today, Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair in Gwelup, North of Perth.

Our Real estate agent had one of their properties tenants contact them over the weekend reporting a leakage in the reticulation. A plumber told the them over the phone how to isolate the solenoid to stop the leak and a work order was sent to us.

Our Technician and plumber were involved in this as the mains copper pipe had been crushed. We excavated the area ridding it of tree roots and located the leak. Then removed all faulty components, installed new components — being a stainless steel ball valve, copper pipe, various brass fittings and sealed them with teflon tape. The job was done as per Water Corp guidelines and the system was tested as good with no leaks.

Gardening services include:

– Litter Collected
– Plants and Shrubs Pruning
– Tree and Branch Lopping (Chainsaw work)
– Weed treatment and removal
– Garden Bed cleaning up
– Rubbish / Green Waste Removal
– Driveway and pathways cleared of debris
– Leaves removed (if desired – some like the free mulch)
– Hedging
– Mowing
– Brushcutting, Whipper-Snipping

We also do Landscaping services:
– Roll On Turf – supply and Installation
– Reticulation – Supply and installation
– Native Garden Lanscapes
– Mulching
– Lawn and Garden Kerbing

Call or fill out an online booking for all retic repairs, landscaping and garden maintenance!

Reticulation Repair in South Perth

Today, Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair in South Perth.

It’s been 3 straight days of warm weather and everyone in Perth is turning on their automatic sprinkler systems. Our customer needed reticulation repair and potential controller upgrade.

Currently only one sprinkler head visible, an older house and doesn’t know where solenoid valve is. We replaced the old control box with a Hunter x-core, the old one could no longer be programmed according to local watering laws . We then repaired a broken PVC pipe, found the solenoid valve with the electro magnetic tool and then moved onto the sprinklers. He required extensive popup repairs and replacements of some, general system flushing and heaps of new spray heads. There were a set of mechanical gear drives one of which was broken. We carry Hunter brand of these so not a problem.

The rest just needed the arc reset as not to spray all over paved areas. Mechanical drive popups are favourable to some and rightfully so – they cover a much larger area of garden or lawn than smaller sprinklers, therefore needing less moving parts per square metre!

We have one week of repairs on the worksheet already so book us soon!

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