Bore Repair in The Vines

Last week the Property Care Guys did a Bore Repair in The Vines, North east of Perth

It’s nice to work out around the Swan Valley this time of year – the weather is perfect for strenuous activity as it’s cool enough to move about doing landscaping without dying and it hasn’t been raining as usual this time of the year!

The customer reported their bore not working when they came home from being away.  Our PCG electrician checked it out diagnosing a fused pump. Luke went out and pulled up 17 metre deep submersible Chinese made unit which had lasted about 3 years. We replaced this with a higher quality Grundfos pump made in Denmark. This week we are heading back to go through the reticulation to service all sprinklers throughout the several acre property and quote up some tree lopping.

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Reticulation Install in South Guildford

In April the Property Care Guys did a reticulation install in South Guildford, East of Perth

Can you spot the grass relay? Well you would if it was done in the past few days, but this is after a few weeks. Our technician installers Scotty and Luke did a fantastic PVC pipe pressure system to the front and rear lawns with long lasting toro popups. The gardens being underground poly pipe with sturdy riser sprayers. There was a tricky section going along the fence behind the shed being an established property. We always have a solution! Contact for bore repairs, reticulation and all aspects of landscape gardening



Reticulation in Singleton

Matt from the Property Care Guys did reticulation in Singleton, South of Perth

Work order to “perform a leak test and provide a leak detection certificate report” Currently we have one certified technician and 2 others will shortly complete the course to be waterwise according to the water corporations’ guidelines or rules.

I went to this job for measurement of leak detection was immediately irrelevant with the tenant half accurately pointing out half the problems. One of his main issues was that a previous landscaper had installed a roll on turf to the back yard  and the reticulation repair guy before us said it was the worst he had ever seen.

It wasn’t the worst i have ever seen. It had ok coverage which is the main point so whoever installed it did half OK.. but they obviously didn’t offer a regular reticulation service like we do.

I went about the usual controller test, station test and sprinkler test. Diagnosed stuck on solenoid valves – one for the rear lawn and one for the left verge and left rear lower lawn. Waste of water. Programming was also still set to new lawn installation watering times costing the property manager hundreds more every 2 months just in water bills.


Reticulation Repairs in Gnangara

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repairs in Gnangara, North of Perth

One of our clients who has taken up our regular reticulation maintenance schedule. This being the first visit, requiring more time. Luke replaced a 40mm solenoid valve, flushed the pipelines, programmed the control box and replaced a heap of popups.

Note: Just like your car, a sprinkler system needs a regular service- Even in winter. Valves can stick and become expensive to replace. Retic should be ran by an experienced technician at least once every 3 months and a report written up, again-just like your vehicle. Who needs to turn on their retic after winter only to find nothing works? Who wants a massive system overhaul each year or more which could be easily avoided? Ask us abut our quarterly reticulation service. Regular servicing prolongs the life of all retic parts and avoids expensive and urgent bookings.

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Reticulation Repair in Yanchep

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repair in Yanchep, North of Perth

A property manager requested we change a faulty controller box. This is the computer unit bolted to your wall usually. Sometimes they are in ground or lost in your back garden somewhere mauled by your dog. Scotty was booked in and promptly replaced the component.  Whatever our work order is we make sure:

  • Controller is tested and programmed
  • All sprinklers are checked
  • Pressure is observed. Often water wastage is caused by pressure
  • We note whether there is a working master valve and isolation tap

Our service roster that will keep your retic in perfect condition all year just like your car. Ask about our annual subscription

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Reticulation in The Vines

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation in The Vines, North East of Perth

A customer with a large property with 20 sprinkler stations (and probably not too shy of half that amount in acres of land!) called to inform us that one of their sprinkler stations was staying on with all of the other ones. This is our specialty – finding and fixing faults and in this case; locating and repairing or replacing a stuck open and lost solenoid valve is the most likely scenario.

Occasionally the controller box is at fault, which can send a signal out to that one valve station all the time no matter which retic area is meant to be watering at the time according to the program on ethe box. If a solenoid is manually open, water will flow out the sprinklers on that station without fail, so long as the master valve is open and there is a water source to it.

Our customer requested to call them if the job was going to take over an hour which it did not.  Luke the Technician used electro-magnetic equipment to swiftly find and fix the issue. Sprinklers stuck or on lost solenoid valve? Get PCG onto it ASAP.

Do you get your car serviced when it breaks down? Why do that with your sprinkler system then? We highly recommend to sign up for our 3-monthly all year round reticulation service. It will save you money in the long run and allow you to budget for peace of mind.



Reticulation City Beach

Today the Property Care Guys did Reticulation Repairs in City Beach, a Western Suburb of Perth

We’ve done a LOT of work lately so not much time to write blogs.

Although the general economy is widely acknowledged as slow in W.A this past year (I personally see it is a recession in denial) we have grown considerably so recently our workload is about the same as last season with plenty of retic repairs and landscaping requests. So everything is working well despite the economy. 

Anyway, this customer reported her automatic retic system isn’t working and thinks the timer (control center) isn’t working as it should because it was coming on twice per day and can’t be reset via the button or reset code. She trusted us to leave her gate unlocked, avoiding having to leave work to come home to open it. (We can keep you updated by phone or msg about costs or hours estimated if requested) 

Luke our  main Technician on this job discovered as expected (customer right) a faulty controller which is very common and quoted up a price over the phone. He was immediately given the go ahead for a replacement unit being a new model Rainbird ESP-ME in which he also added a 3 station module to the box to compensate for the amount of solenoid valve stations being more than average, included in the price. Pop-up sprinklers, drip lines and micro-sprays were then checked and adjusted or flushed. The overall system was then tested as all good.

Contact PCG for all your landscaping needs! We not only do sprinkler systems and lawns, but now specialise in Waterwise Native Landscaping — keeping Aussie plants around. -Less pests, less issues, less stress, less money spent on your property while helping the environment at the same time!

Reticulation Repairs in Henderson

Today the Property Care Guys completed  Reticulation Repairs in Henderson, near Rockingham, South of Perth

We Install, repair and maintain reticulation systems all over the Perth area. This commercial business has a large retic system and was in need of a major overhaul. Work done here consisted of:

  1. Installing of a new model Hunter HC Hydrowise (We also do Rainbird ESP)
  2. Replacement of all solenoid valves (Toro, Irritrol, Bermad)
  3. Replacement of all sprinklers (Gear drive hunter and Rainbird, Toro Pop-ups)
  4. Placing Concrete surrounds around all road side sprinklers (This is highly recommended for residential and commercial – saves you a lot of money in the long run!)
  5. Re-cabling of a 9 core Reticulation Solenoid Wiring

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Bore Pump Replacement in Menora

This week The Property Care Guys did Bore Pump Replacement in Menora, near Perth

Our customer reported their retic system had just stopped working and thought it may be an electrical issue. Correct. Our Technician Luke diagnosed a fused pump motor, quite an old unit not worth repairing really. They need a new bore pump.

We winched it out and ordered an 5.5 HP Ebara Centrifugal pump as a replacement.  They’re very high quality pumps owned by a Japanese company and are also manufactured in Italy among . Our Electrician came to connect the new pump and discovered it would be illegal to do so as the wiring from the house was so corroded it would be illegal :/ So unfortunately the owners had to pay up more to have a full re cable done for around $1000 on top of the bore pump replacement quote.

….but now they have a bore retic system now that should last many many years 😀



Reticulation Installed in Floreat

On Saturday the Property Care Guys did a Reticulation Installation in Floreat, near Perth

Our customer has a store front verge and the turf was pretty much dead. There had been no sprinklers installed in the past and no hand watering by the looks so the poor grass (not to mention being walked on a lot) had to survive by being as dormant as possible during the hot Perth months.. half the year! We quoted up a complete system including a long life battery-powered timer under the footpath to control the automatic watering schedule, Australian made PVC pipe out under the footpath and all over the verge and finally Toro pop-up sprinklers along both sides.

Remember to get your reticulation installed right the first time. Use quality parts and knowledgeable installers